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Visit us to see what sets us apart from other San Jose Chiropractors . At Vitality Chiropractic San Jose, our purpose is to help our community live healthier, happier lives.

We strive to reach our goal by assisting our patients with common conditions such as scoliosis, allergies, asthma as well eliminating headaches. We enjoy working with all walks of life, but certainly do love working with children.

It is rewarding to know that when beginning Chiropractic care as a child can lead to a healthy, happy adulthood.


We have helped literally hundreds of people end their suffering from headaches, including migraines!


We specialize in the mitigation and correction of scoliosis. Utilizing a cutting edge 3-dimensional scoliosis model we design a custom program of exercises and therapy for each spinal correction patient. Scoliosis patients need extra care and work to reach their full potential, but the process is much the same.


Asthma can be such a debilitating condition, no one should need to live with it. We have enjoyed tremendous success in helping asthma sufferers over the past two decades. Sometimes that means total cessation of asthma symptoms, sometimes just an improvement that allows for decreasing medication needed and an increase in quality of life!

Kids and their most common ailments

We love taking care of children! They are energetic and exude pure joy! Also, we’ve noticed the vast majority of our patients have conditions that have been slowly deteriorating over the years. What is the very best way to prevent this? Get to them when these issues first start, as kids!

Spinal problems rarely get better on their own. Call our San Jose Chiropractic office to begin Chiropractic care today!


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