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Dr. David W. Basista

I knew I wanted to be a doctor when I was a kid I planned to be a veterinarian. Though I still love animals, my focus gradually shifted to helping people. But the “A pill for every ill” mentality never made sense to me, so medicine was out. I just knew that the body is capable of self healing. So, Chiropractic was a perfect fit!

My college guidance counselor told me not to become a Chiropractor. She said I should become a physical therapist instead, because they work with ‘real’ doctors!

Recently a Chiropractic Legend, Dr Reggie Gold passed away. Dr. Gold is the single person that has influenced me the most. He pioneered the concept of Wellness Care – utilizing Chiropractic to stay healthy rather waiting for disease to occur.

Our main focus is family health. For those whose health is at a level that they wish to ‘maintain’, our practice objective is to help them do that plus a little more. Wellness care supports the patient’s health, their spine and their nervous system for a healthy, happy life. read more

Dr. Grace Lau-Basista

Since I was 8 years old, I wanted to be a doctor to help people. I attended University of California, San Diego majoring in biochemistry and cell biology. My intent was to go to medical school. While at UCSD, I became very disillusioned with the practice of medicine. It seemed to be mostly about drugs and my fellow students did not appear caring, but calculated and cut-throat. I happened to take an anatomy class and met a few students heading to Chiropractic college. They were the nicest, most caring people! I became intrigued and asked what Chiropractic was about.

One of them introduced me to her Chiropractor. When I asked him what he did, he told me that he helped people. That was good, that was what I wanted to do, but how? Then he told me a story that changed my life. He told about one of his patients, an 8 year old boy who had juvenile diabetes. He had to take so much insulin that he was not able to go out and play (remember, this is before the pump).

After 2 months of care, he was on only 40% of the insulin! He could actually go places and play with his friends. This Doctor told me, this child will always be diabetic, but the difference is with Chiropractic care, he has been given his life back. That’s when I made my decision to go to Chiropractic school!

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